About us

WE are Centre of Nationwide Programmes and Services of Diaconia ECCB.

Programmes and services of our centre can be divided into four particular thematic areas:

However, all these seemingly different programmes and services have one thing in common. We strive to assist in communication and understanding. Wherever it is possible, we offer subsequent concrete assistance. To learn more about our services, read description of each of them.

Within the first two programmes, we meet with people, whose skills and basic communication are limited by disability. We try to seek opportunities to overcome obstacles and utilise new technologies to eliminate problems.

Within the other two programmes, the most frequent obstacle is the language barrier, but also unwillingness to comprehend newcomers. Some of our clients had to leave their homeland because of peril of life, others arrived for job but were deceived, sweated, or even experienced violence. People from our country can also find themselves in such situations.

In our work, we often rely on help and support of other organisations and individuals that share with us our worries, struggles, but also joy of success. We will be glad if this web site contributes to our mutual communication and becomes a source of information for those needing help as well as for those offering it.

On behalf of the Centre of Nationwide Programmes and Services


David Michal

Director and chairman of Board of Directors of the Centre