The objective of the service:

The objective of the service of the Shelter accommodation is to provide a safe background to exploited, trafficked and commercially abused persons (aged 18 – 64), as well as to those who are endangered by phenomena in question. The service is provided to the victims of a criminal offence and to persons who can be endangered by a criminal offence. The services are indiscriminately for Czech and foreign citizens.  

The Shelter is not a hostel; as a social service, it is subject to legal standards and strict rules for providing the social services. The provider is responsible for the quality and safety of the service, and there are explicit conditions for the client’s stay in the Shelter. If the client would not respect the rules or not cooperate with the social workers, the providing of the service might be terminated.

To whom is the service designed - who can we help:

  • adult men
  • women
  • couples
  • persons from 18 to 64 years of age, Czech or foreign citizens, regardless of their residency status,
  • exploited, trafficked, and commercially abused persons, as well as those potentially endangered by phenomena in question,
  • victims of criminal offence or persons endangered by criminal offence.

To whom is the service not designed - who we cannot help:

  • persons who need barrier-free access,
  • persons who need nonstop medical or other care,
  • persons with a contagious illness endangering other clients of the service,
  • persons who show symptoms of addiction (alcohol, drugs),
  • persons who show symptoms of a mental illness (the behaviour would cause problems in the collective),
  • persons whose stay in Shelter was terminated in less than six months previously due the violation of the Shelter rules.

What we offer:

  • accommodation for 1 month with the possibility of prolongation,
  • assistance with the communication with the employer/employment agency – we solve unpaid salaries, work injuries, etc.,
  • assistance with asserting one’s rights, rightful interests, or personal matters – personal documents, mediation of legal and psychological support,
  • accompaniment to offices (embassies, Police, courts, labour inspectorates, etc.),
  • counselling and support for job search,
  • basic health care for the sake of the service providing,
  • aid coordination with other NGOs and other organizations,
  • prevention – we emphasize the information for clients so that the risks of repeated exploiting or other abuse diminish,
  • information for public about the problematics of the human exploitation, trafficking, and other commercial abuse.

The social service is provided for the necessary period only, it is based on the client’s collaboration with the social worker.

How much the services costs:

The service is free of charge.

Working hours:

The service is provided 24 hours per day, all year round. The Shelter has secret address.


Head of the Shelter and the Field crisis aid


Social worker speaking Bulgarian and Russian


Social worker speaking Romanian, Russian, and English


Social service worker - Custodian