Social activities and Consulting Centre LifeTool

Who we are?

The Lifetool service aids seniors and people with handicap, children and adults, in the development of their communication skills and thus their integration in the society. For this we use means of alternative and augmentative communication, and electronic, digital, and technical communication tools.

Since 2009 we have been a social service, at first as professional social consultants, now as a social activation service. We use our working methods, technologies, and know-how in cooperation with our parent organization Lifetool Linz in Austria.

Who can use our services?

  • children, adults, seniors
  • people with physical handicap
  • people with mental handicap
  • people with combined handicap
  • people with mental illness (Alzheimer disease, dementia)

Anyone who, due to their age or disability, is not able to meet with peers, to communicate with them in a normal way and who need a safe environment or specific aids for leisure or work activities.    

Our services are there not only for individuals and families, but also for groups and organizations.

Mgr. Rostislav Jakoubek
Social Activities and the Consulting Centre Life Tool Prague

Prokopova 2016/4
130 00 Praha 3

Mobile phone: +420 776 264 536